Where To Hang Kitchen Towels? Creative Options 2022

Where To Hang Kitchen Towels Creative Options 2022

The kitchen is a busy and often messy place, so it’s essential to have a designated spot for everything. One of the most important – but often overlooked – items in the kitchen is the kitchen towel. Kitchen towels must be easily accessible and within reach to quickly dry your hands or wipe up a mess.

But where to hang kitchen towels most reasonably? We will provide a few different places to hang your kitchen towels, so find the spot that works best for you.

What Are Kitchen Towels For?

You’ve been deceived if you think kitchen towels are only for drying your hands. This handy kitchen accessory can be used for many purposes.

As we mentioned, the most prominent and primary use of a kitchen towel is to dry your hand. It’s so much easier to use a kitchen towel for drying your hands than a paper towel. This is the most popular use for kitchen towels.

What Are Kitchen Towels For

To dry dishes, you can use kitchen towels. You can dry dishes by using kitchen towels if you wash your dishes by hand. Even if they are passed in a dishwasher, many kitchen utensils will still be damp at the end. These dishes will not dry completely in the dishwasher, so kitchen towels are a great option.

You can also use kitchen towels to wipe down countertops and islands. After preparing a meal, wipe the countertops with a kitchen towel.

Last but not least, kitchen towels can be used as kitchen decor. This small accessory can enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen counter by complementing its design elements and color scheme.

Kitchen Towel Don’ts

Avoid rolling up kitchen towels and leaving them on countertops. This is unattractive aesthetically, but it also prevents the towel from drying between uses. This not only makes towels unsafe but also causes them to smell bad. Hanging kitchen towels are the best choice.

where to hang dish towels in kitchen

Kitchen Towel Dos

Your kitchen towels should be conveniently located where you can reach them quickly and dry between uses. It would help if you never used a kitchen towel that has been used to dry dishes. Always use a clean, new kitchen towel to dry dishes. You can avoid cross-contamination with dirty towels.

To prevent bacteria from building up, it is best to wash your kitchen towels at least once per week.

Where Do You Display Kitchen Towels?

Sink edge. Although this is a great way to style photos, it is not practical to have a split sink. The faucet should be aimed at one-half of the sink.

Towel bar attached to the sink. This is the best solution for anyone who wants to replace their sink. We know that not everyone is willing to do this, so we will keep searching.

Wall rack. This wall rack is excellent for dish towels that are not in rotation.

You can use this rack to dry damp towels. Ensure the wall is waterproof or enough space between the racks and the wall for quick drying.

where to hang towels in your kitchen to dry

Dishwasher handle. A lot of dishwasher handles offer a place to hang a towel. This is because dishwashers are often placed next to the sink.

Range handle. A nearby stove handle may serve as a dishwasher if you don’t own one.

Let’s face it, even if your dishwasher isn’t working, you can still hang tea towels on the range. These are the ones you love to look at — the ones no one else is supposed to use. It’s where I keep my Charley Harper tea towels. They are so beautiful that I feel sorry for the person who tries to dry them.

Hanging towels in a good spot are fine for decorative purposes. (I found more photos of kitchen towels being displayed than actual kitchen towels.

Where To Hang a Dishcloth

Rack the cabinet’s end. This could work well if you have a wall or cabinet that ends near the sink. These pegs won’t reach into the passageway. This rack can be placed in a low-traffic location to prevent you from breaking your hip every time it passes by.

Towel ring, bar, or hook. Towel ring, bar, or hook. A kitchen towel holder can be mounted on the wall near the sink or the sideboard of an upper cabinet. Some prefer a separate towel for hand washing, while others prefer dish towels for drying.

Make sure the cabinet or wall you choose is resistant to moisture.

Over-the-sink bar. This is similar to the previous solution. It keeps your towel close at hand for washing your hands. A backsplash can also take on dampness.

Ladder. You might think that I don’t have enough space in my kitchen to support a ladder. How could I refuse to share this beautiful Danish kitchen’s simplicity?

I’m not sure if the sink is plumbed. But, taking a deep breath and looking at this picture may help us clear clutter and downgrade our most worn-out dish-drying towels to cleaning towels.

where to hang decorative kitchen towels

A towel bar for an island. A towel bar can be attached to an island to dry towels. Consider your island carefully and decide if it is suitable for towel bars. Remember to consider how much space you will need for mounting hardware.

You can use a smaller towel bar like the one shown here.

The same idea can be used on the peninsula’s end. A counter that functions as an island is also possible but is attached to one sidewall. The countertop extends above the towel bar. This keeps the bar from becoming a hip-bruiser.

Where Do You Display Kitchen Towels

Pull out dish towel cabinet. The current trend is to hide dish towels in a pullout drying rack. Many people have expressed concerns about drying towels inside a cabinet. You can choose to buy quick-drying dish towels over traditional tea towels. Quick-drying options include microfiber dishcloths with waffle weaves, antimicrobial bar mop, and microfiber dishcloths.

Under-the-sink rack. A metal rack can be placed under the sink to use this space significantly. It also keeps your dish towels close at hand.

How Can I Keep My Kitchen Towels From Falling?

Towel clips are an excellent tool for this purpose! If you need them, you can attach them to your oven handle or appliance handles, cabinet, or towel rack. These are a simple, no-fail solution to keeping your towels from getting ruined by falling.

where to hang hand towels in kitchen

How To Hang Decorative Kitchen Towels?

You can fold a quarter of the fabric to the side and center the image. Then hang it on your oven handle or bar if there is only one image on the bottom of the decorative kitchen towel.

A countertop display rack can be purchased to store decorative towels.

How To Hang Decorative Kitchen Towels

Where Should Hand Towels Be Placed In The Kitchen?

Hand towels should be kept as close as possible to the sink or within easy reach of the kitchen sink to make it easier to dry their hands. For fresh towels, there are many options: a drawer under the sink or a caddy beside the sink.

How Do You Hang Dish Towels In The Kitchen?

There are a few choices. You have two options. First, dry your dishtowel well after you’re done with it. You can hang your towel next to your kitchen towel or hang it on the sink divider.

If there is no divider or the sink is complete, hang the dishtowel from the faucet arm and let it dry completely between uses. Racks can also be purchased to store dish towels and sponges near the sink.

If you have the intent to set up your cabinet, read this guide: How To Install Kitchen Cabinets?

Where Do You Hang Kitchen Towels To Dry?

You can hang kitchen towels on any of these hanging options. This is the best way for them to dry between uses. Towels should be washed at least once a week and ideally every other day.

Where Do You Hang Kitchen Towels To Dry

Fold them in half and place them on the racks or bars to air dry any moisture. Hooks can be used to dry towels. To make sure the towel’s main body is dry, place the towel’s top on the theme.



Peelsnyc hopes you have found this helpful article. I’ve included a few different ideas for kitchen towel storage, but there are many other ways to organize your kitchen towels as well. Hopefully, this information will help you start thinking about some of the best ways to organize your kitchen!