Where Is Hells Kitchen Filmed? Top Full Guide 2022

Where Is Hells Kitchen Filmed? The filming of Hells Kitchen occurred in Los Angeles, California, and New York City. The FOX and Gordon Ramsay productions used several different places for each season of the show to accommodate their various shooting schedules.

Hell’s Kitchen is a partly skill show that has contestants running around like chickens; their heads cut off. It’s probably because they only get zero to five hours of sleep per night. The one where Gordon Ramsay, a Michelin-starred chef who also killed and ate puffins on TV according to The Guardian, likes to hurl insults at aspiring chefs. He yells so loud that contestants must undergo a psych evaluation afterward (via New York Post). That one. It turns out that it is moving again.

Some might wonder, “From where?” Hell’s Kitchen was never filmed in a actual restaurant. The original KCOP station was used to host the show’s 2005 debut. Contestants prepared and served their food at 915 N. Labrea Avenue in West Hollywood. (via Eater LA and IMDb and Seeing Stars).

Google Maps will show you a rectangular, white, rectangular building that looks like it could be a combination of a prison or an elementary school. It’s not the most comfortable place to film in, but maybe that was the point.

Where Did Hell’s Kitchen Move After Season Two?

Two seasons of Hell’s Kitchen were aired on Labrea. According to Reality TV World and The Infinite Kitchen, filming was moved to Century Studios at 3322 La Cienega Place Los Angeles for the third season. La Cienega hell’s kitchen’s venue wasn’t exactly glamorous.

Larry Wilmore, a Nightly Show comedian, also recorded at La Cienega. Wilmore described it as a bizarre studio that looked like it was intended for “shipping aluminum” (via The Office – The Untold Story, the Greatest Sitcom in the 2000s).

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The Hell’s Kitchen contestants did not last long at La Cienega Place. The cooking aspect show was renewed for season 3. Where are you going? According to Yelp and The Infinite Kitchen, it moved to 8660 Hayden Place in Culver City. Culver City is known as the Heart of Screenland because classics such as Gone With the Wind and Citizen Kane were shot there (Culver County Historical Society).

Commercial real estate marketer Loopnet will tell you that 8860 Hayden Place is a warehouse-turned-production studio, fully equipped with five sound stages and 25-feet high ceilings. Century Studios used the hell’s kitchen facility to film Criminal Minds, Lost, and Backstage television shows.

It was better than 3322 La Cienega. Maybe. Trip Advisor reviewers weren’t impressed. Trip Advisor reviewers described the new location as a big soundstage in which people ate a lot of hurrying up and waiting.

After 15 seasons at Hayden Place, Hell’s Kitchen is now moving.

Where Is Hell’s Kitchen Filmed?

According to Mashed, many of Hell’s Kitchen’s episodes since 2005’s premiere were not filmed in restaurants. The show moved several times between studio locations. Filming for seasons 1 and 2 took place in West Hollywood (pictured below).

Where Is Hell's Kitchen Filmed

It’s not what you would expect. RealityTVWorld.com reports that season 3 was taped in Los Angeles at 3322 La Cienega Place. Shortly after that, Gordon and the Hell’s Kitchen crew moved again to 8660 Hayden Place in Culver.

Although newer seasons were filmed in Culver City, GoldDerby.com reported that the show had moved again in March 2019. The Las Vegas Review-Journal and GoldDerby.com also said the same thing in March 2019. According to these publications, Chef Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, is the new home of the show’s filming. It opened in 2018.

It’s located in Caesar’s Palace Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. There are also other Gordon Ramsay restaurants. There are many. Gordon Ramsay Steak (What the Young Guns are up against at Paris Hotel & Casino this season) and Gordon Ramsay Burger, located inside the Planet Hollywood Casino.

Format For The Competition

Gordon Ramsay divides cooks into two groups at the beginning of each season. Except for the 18th and first seasons, the team assigns the cooks to the red and blue teams. Each receives a jacket with shoulder panels in that color and a chef’s jacket. These chefs will stay with the units for the duration of the amazing race.

Ramsay can switch chefs to other teams if there are unequal team numbers or if he feels the chef would be better off on the opposite side. The episode begins with a cooking challenge followed by a dinner service. Depending on the circumstances, one or more chefs may be removed. After five to six chefs are left, they are grouped and given black-paneled coats. They compete in their tasks and collaborate during services to become one of the top 2.

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, we recommend that you try your luck at Hell’s Kitchen and grab the famous beef wellington and egg purgatory. Is this enough to make you hungry? Keep checking back for the latest updates.

Okay, Can I Eat At Hell’s Kitchen?


You can find all the classic dishes on the show at the eatery, such as scallopini and filet mignon. (See the full menu here if you are curious). It’s also designed to look precisely like Hell’s Kitchen, so you can expect to find a red-and-blue kitchen, spacious dining area, and Hell’s Kitchen winners portraits on the wall.



Is Hell’s Kitchen an authentic restaurant?

The restaurant can sometimes feel like a faraway place, given all the violence. The famous Hell’s Kitchen restaurant is a real place. It’s also part of Gordon Ramsay’s expanding cooking empire.

What is the cost of eating at Hell’s Kitchen?

Prix fixe menus typically range between $75 and $95. Yelp reviewers estimate that a meal with wine pairings can cost up to $135.95.

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Is Hells Kitchen accessible to the public?

Fans can also dine at the official Hell’s Kitchen restaurant. … Fans of the reality shows have another option. Gordon opened Hell’s Kitchen, a Hell’s Kitchen-themed restaurant in Caesars Palace Casino Las Vegas. It even recreates the Hell’s kitchen set and offers the same type of food.


The production of Hells Kitchen began in the spring of 2005. In the last few years, a slew of restaurants has opened that are authentic replicas of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, now located on The FOX network’s network prime-time television broadcast.

As part of the popularity of this series, it is unlikely that Hells Kitchen will ever end. Even if the filming of the series ended, Hells Kitchen restaurants would still be open worldwide for the viewing pleasure of many.

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