How To Unclog A Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water?

How To Unclog A Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

If your double kitchen sink becomes clogged with standing water, don’t worry – there is a solution! This article will teach you how to unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water using a plunger and some household ingredients.

Use the following tips to eliminate the clog, clean your kitchen sink, and keep it that way!

What Causes A Double Kitchen Sink To Clog?

Food Residue

Residues from food particles are one of the leading causes of a blocked kitchen sink. You will find some residue on all the utensils you use to clean it.

It is pretty tiny, but it can build up over time and cause serious problems.

Tiny objects

Sometimes, we don’t know what small objects could be in our kitchen sinks. These are items that we use every day.

These could be earrings, coins, rings, or other small objects that are small enough for us to see and fall into the sink.

It is possible that we don’t pay enough attention to it and lose them in these small spaces.

You should immediately remove any clogs from your drains if you notice them.

What Causes A Double Kitchen Sink To Clog

Grease and Oil

Oil and other greasy ingredients are essential for many dishes. It shouldn’t surprise you that cooking oil and other fatty food waste ingredients can get into your sink and block the sink drainage system.

They can cause obstruction even though they aren’t solid objects.

Mineral Buildup

Mineral buildup can cause a clogged kitchen sink if you live in challenging water areas.

These problems are caused by hard water minerals that remain in the water after it has passed through the drainage pipes. Calling a plumber is the best and easiest way to resolve this problem.

Never Run Hot Water Down The Drain

Before we get into details, let’s clarify:

Boiling water won’t melt grease and fat residues from a clogged drain. It can cause more damage to your PVC pipes.

Never pour boiling water into the kitchen sink.

How To Unclog A Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

Reset Garbage Disposal

There are many reasons why your kitchen sink might get clogged. You might be surprised to learn that your garbage disposal needs to be reset.

You should check if the garbage disposal unit isn’t running. Then, turn the switch off. Turn the switch back on to check if the clog has been removed.

Garbage disposal units are a great way to make your life easier. They can grind food scraps, which will prevent future clogs. If you want your garburator’s to last and work properly, don’t place eggshells or coffee grounds.

If you haven’t been able to restart the garbage disposal, you can try a plunger.

Try A Plunger To Push And Dissolve The Clog

You will need to do some digging when you attempt to unclog your sink.

You might start with the plunger.

A plunger works underwater pressure. Because we have a double sink, you should block the drain with a rag. This will allow you to apply all of the force necessary to clear the clogged sink.

Take out any standing water from your kitchen sink, but make sure to leave enough water for the plunger cup.

The plunger cup should be placed over the blocked drain. The cup-style plunger should be pushed up and down six times evenly but not loosen the pressure in its cup.

How to Unclog A Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

If the water drains freely, the sink is unclogged. You can repeat the process if there is still water in your sink.

It’s not rocket science to unclog your kitchen sink. It’s more of a trial-and-error process. If the plunger tip doesn’t work, you can try the following information.

Only Use Natural Drain Cleaners

There are natural solutions to a blocked kitchen sink. These natural alternatives are recommended because commercial drain clog removers can cause corrosion to your draining pipes.

You can also damage your drain pipe with chemical drain cleaners if they are misused.

how to unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water with vinegar and baking soda

Commercial clog cleaners typically use sodium hydroxide (caustic or lye) and sulfuric acid. These ingredients can be very corrosive to organic materials and your draining pipes.

To learn more about the how-to exactly clean sink drain, follow our guide.

To unclog your kitchen drain, we recommend the following natural remedies:

Vinegar and Baking Soda

First, drain any standing water.

Next, pour 1 cup baking soda into the drain. Then, add one cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to the drain.

Allow the mixture to sit for at most one hour. You can then rinse the mixture down your sink with warm water.

You can try again if the clog does not seem to be dissolving.

Salt and Baking Soda

Salk and baking soda mixture are other options to unclog your kitchen sink.

Remove Any Standing Water From Your Kitchen Sink

Before you pour the mixture into your sink, make sure it is well-combined.

Take half a cup salt and half a cup baking soda in a bowl. Next, add the mixture to a bowl.

Remove Any Standing Water From Your Kitchen Sink

Here’s the thing:

For the salt and baking soda to start working, you will need to wait between 4 and 6 hours.

You should flush the mixture with water after the time has expired (just like we recommended).

If none of these tips work, it’s time to get dirty.

Remove The P-Trap and Use The Plumber’s Snake

If the clog persists, use a plumber’s wrench to remove it.

If you don’t own garbage disposal, the drain snake can be used directly to the sink drain.

You will need to take out the garbage disposal’s p-trap and insert the plumber’s pipe directly into the drain trap arm.

We understand that you don’t have a drain snake or plumber’s snake in your garage. Renting one is the best option.

Call A Plumber To Fix It

You should call a professional plumber if you still have trouble unclogging your draining system after following all our suggestions.

Discover Plumbing and Rooter is your number. We served San Francisco, CA, for 15 years as a trusted plumbing company. We can solve your plumbing problems with the urgency that they need.

Reset Garbage Disposal

There are many reasons why your kitchen can become blocked. Your garbage disposal might need to be reset. Locate the garbage disposal from underneath your sink.

how to unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water from plumber pipe

Press the reset button several times to test if your drainage issues are solved. Are you still having problems with drainage? No worries. You can use an Allen wrench or a screwdriver to turn the crank clockwise to loosen the blades.

To ensure no residue in your kitchen drain, you should use a plumber’s wrench. To determine if your sink has been fixed, reset the garbage disposal.

A Coat Hanger Can Help

Some people cannot access a plumber’s snake to unblock sinks. A wire coat hanger is an excellent option in such situations. A coat hanger can be a helpful improvisation tool, but it will not manage deep clogs like a plumber’s snake. However, it can reach inevitable clogs and clear your sink.

Follow our Tips to Keep Water Draining Smoothly

Don’t panic if your double kitchen is clogged. Get to work. This is how to unclog your double kitchen sink using standing water.

How To Unclog A Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

  • Restart your garbage disposal
  • Use a plunger or a wrench to push the clog out.
  • Only use natural drain cleaners.
  • Take out the p-trap. Use the plumber’s snake for drilling through the blockage.
  • For fast assistance, call a plumber.

Tips To Keep Your Drain Fresh

Have you ever noticed how a kitchen sink drain can create foul or unpleasant odors? Even if the drain is not blocked, the smell could be harmful if organic buildup occurs in your kitchen drainage system. Old pipes can emit an unpleasant odor that isn’t ideal for your kitchen.

Here are some ways to keep your kitchen fresh and smelling great. Place a stopper on the clogged drain and fill the sink with hot water, salty water. Mix in dish soap. Stir until the soap dissolves completely in the mixture. The mixture can be flavored with lemon, which will give your kitchen sink a pleasant aroma all day.

Tips To Keep Your Drain Fresh

Do you think it is worth hiring a professional to do the job? If your sink is blocked by grease, oils, or food, the white distilled vinegar, and baking soda combination will help. You can use tools such as a plunger and a plumber’s snake to clear the most stubborn residues from your sink.

If your sink problems continue, you might consider hiring an expert. A plumber can assess the drainage problem and recommend the best method to unblock your sink.

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If you have a kitchen sink that is getting clogged, instead of spending loads of money on an expensive plumbing repair service, check out the information in this article by Peelsnyc. The tips are inexpensive, and the kitchen sink is usually not a significant problem to start with.

Using this information, you should be able to get your double kitchen sink working in no time!