How To Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet Top Full Guide 2022

Removing a Moen kitchen faucet is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few minutes. The most important part of the process is ensuring that you have the correct tools and parts needed to remove your faucet.

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to remove moen kitchen faucet. Peelsnyc will also discuss other parts of your home that may have a similar problem and why they need to be replaced.

Moen’s Faucets – How To Repair Like A Pro

It would help if you immediately fixed a leaky faucet. This will prevent water damage to your cabinets, flooring, and basement. Moen kitchen faucets are easy to repair. You may even be able to do it yourself. You will need a wrench, needle-nose pliers, and a screwdriver.

Before you do any repairs, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn Off The Waterline

Before you begin the removal, locate the water lines supply and close the valve. You will find that most homeowners have separate cold and hot water valves. Could you make sure you turn them off?

Step 2: Dry The Pipes

Before you begin to repair moen kitchen faucets, you must ensure that the pipes are empty. Check the faucet valve to check if there is any water in the pipes. If so, drain them. You run the risk of water leaking onto your floor or into your cabinets.

Step 3: Take The Faucet’s Handle Out

To remove the handle, use your screwdriver. After removing the handle, you’ll see a set of screws attached. The wrench can be used to loosen it. Next, take the hold out slowly and carefully.

Step 4: Remove The Plastic Part

Once you’ve removed the handle, it is possible to see if there is a significant leak or a problem with your rubber gasket. A small dome and jacket will appear that you need to pull out using a wrench. The parts will come out if you turn the wrench.

Moen's Faucets - How To Repair Like A Pro

Step 5: Remove The Mechanism

After removing the plastic sleeve, you can remove the handle mechanism. It would help when handling the handle mechanism as it controls waterline flow.

A screw holds the mechanism to the sink. You can loosen the screw with a screwdriver and then remove the tool.

Step 6: Remove The White Ring

After you have removed the mechanism, remove the white ring that is underneath it. It’s essential to remove the ring from your faucet so that you can easily find it when you install a new moen faucet or replace it. You will also need to take out the washer under the ring.

how to remove moen kitchen faucet handle

Step 7: Lift The Spout

You’ll be able to lift and remove the spout if you have followed the steps. To make it easier when putting the parts back together, be sure to note down their directions.

You won’t need any tools to remove the spout. You’ll find the clip under the spout. Use a screwdriver to remove the clip. You will also need to remove the cartridge faucet if you have an older faucet. Use pliers to hold the stem and turn the faucet until the branch is loose. You may need to use a cartridge puller if pliers are not practical.

Once you have completed the removal, you can assess the situation and plan Moen faucet repairs. You can also repair your kitchen faucet using the same tools.

Reinstalling Your Faucet

Once you have disassembled the faucet, inspect it for any damages and identify the problem. You may need to replace the valve if you find broken or inaccessible parts.

Once you have the correct parts, you are ready to start your old faucet repair. It’s easy to reinstall an appliance with the company. It shouldn’t be a problem as long as you know how to do it.

Reinstalling Your Faucet

How to Install a Faucet

It is easy to replace a faucet by simply removing it. These instructions will help you quickly get a working sink back.

Place the rubber cap, plastic gasket, or trim ring on top of the empty hole in your sink. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on how to install the sink. You might also find it helpful to view a YouTube video if you don’t experience installing faucets.

Turn up the volume on your video and follow the instructions. After you are done, close the video and focus on your sink project.

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Place the moen faucet handle in the hole. To prepare for the next step, install washers underneath the sink. Attach the sprayer hose to the main supply line.

Next, take the hose and add the weight. Make sure the importance has enough space to hang free. If necessary, connect the water supply lines.

Do not tighten the supply lines. They could burst and cause damage. Watch out for leaks by turning on the water. If there are no leaks, turn off the water and open the valve.

Many people find fixing faucets intimidating, especially their first time. These steps are simple, but there are no shortcuts to help you repair the damage in your main dining room, bathroom sink, or home office.

Call a professional plumber if you feel that removing, replacing, or installing faucets is a difficult task. A professional plumber will assess the situation and provide a quick solution.

Possible Moen Kitchen Faucet Repairs

After the cartridge has been removed, you should inspect its condition. You will need to replace the cartridge if it has cracks. You can reuse an old cartridge without scaling by placing it in vinegar overnight. You’ll notice that the scaling has disappeared by the time you take the cartridge out of vinegar.

Possible Moen Kitchen Faucet Repairs

You can reuse the same cartridge if you do so. However, replacing all O-rings at the faucet base with new ones is essential. You can remove the old O-rings with a screwdriver.

These O-rings can be purchased in packs from shops that include gaskets or lubricating fluid. After attaching the O-rings to the faucet’s base, lubricate them. It is better to replace all gaskets with new ones.

If you find the same leak after replacing the new faucet and putting it back together, it could be the valve seat. You can purchase a replacement faucet at your local hardware store. Follow the same steps as before to disassemble the kitchen moen faucet. Use a seat wrench to remove the old valve seat. This should resolve the problem.

Take out the faucet

Leakage can often occur if the cartridge is not sealing the water in its spout. Wearing seals or a ruined cartridge could cause the leak. To access the cartridge, you will need to take apart the faucet.

Turn off the water supply below the sink to relieve water pressure. Next, open the kitchen faucet. Pay close attention to the faucet handle’s screw cap. To remove the cap, use a screwdriver.

how to remove a moen kitchen faucet

Under the Moen logo-adorned lid is the screw that holds the handle. Now it’s time for you to pull the handle and loosen the screw with a key. It’s easy. However, if the handle doesn’t come off quickly, you can use a hammer or a key to break the tie.

Locking pliers are required to remove the cartridge holding nut. A screwdriver is needed to loosen the cartridge. The screwdriver can be used to loosen the cartridge.

You may need a cartridge removal tool to remove cassettes from older fixtures.

O-rings, Gaskets, And O-rings

Check the cartridge for cracks or notches after you have removed it. If damage is found, you will need to replace your cartridge. To clean a cartridge that has accumulated dandruff, soak it overnight in vinegar. Replace the new O rings and seals on the valve seats.

You can remove them by inserting a loop in the valve. The kits include O-rings flutes that are specific to each model.

If the Leakage persists, replace the valve seats:

If the leak continues, you may need to replace the valve seats worn or notched. Remove the faucet and remove the valve seats using a wrench.

Leakage At The Base

The O rings around the base of your moen kitchen faucet may have been damaged if it is left off the handle. The handle should be removed from the tap. After applying sufficient lubrication, replace the O rings.

Clean both the valve’s outer orifice and its body. A moen kitchen faucet can be repaired by a qualified professional plumber, mainly if the company is reputable.

You’ll be able to immediately avoid the inconvenience of a leaking kitchen tap by using modern sanitary tools and procedures. Call a professional plumber before you drop the faucet off.

How To Clean And Remove The Cartridge

Before removing the cartridge, turn off the water supply valves. The valves should be kept under the kitchen sink in an enclosed cabinet. To make the valves easily accessible, remove all detergents and other stored items from the sink cabinet.

By turning the buttons clockwise, turn off the valve buttons. Open the faucet to ensure there is no water in the pipes. You can remove the nut by using an Allen wrench. Depending on the model, U-shaped clips are possible to preserve the cartridge.

If your model has one, remove the clip from the eye with the needle clips. If your model does not come with one, it is secured in place by retaining nuts. To loosen or remove the nut, you can use a small adjustable wrench.

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Other Faucet Repairs

Tap water sometimes splashes instead of flowing straight, with water jets gushing in every direction. This is a sign that something is bound to the network of an aviator.

To remove the aerator, loosen it. It may be necessary to use a key. Once it is loose, it can be unscrewed by hand.

Use a different sink to clean the aviator, or use a solution of vinegar and water to clean it. After cleaning, return to the original position.

Tips To Repair A Faucet

You will need to make sure the cartridge O-ring remains in good shape if you want to repair a Moen kitchen tap. It is located at the base and can become worn or damaged over time. This will allow water to escape from your faucet’s base.

Replace it if your faucet’s base is leaking or the ring looks worn. This tutorial applies to a single-hand faucet. If the Moen has more than one, you will need to use both handles.

Moen kitchen faucets come with a lifetime warranty that covers the cost of replacing cartridges.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Parts Diagram

This is a detailed diagram of the parts for your Moen kitchen faucets, along with their part numbers:

Spout Nut & Retaining Kit:

This particular faucet part delivers water from the body to your sink. It is made of stainless steel that can withstand extreme temperatures.


Without a unique tool, it isn’t easy to access an aerator. The majority of aerators are male. This means that they contain threads.

Handle Cap Kit

The handle cap, also known as a bracket or decorative cap on the faucet, helps maintain water pressure.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Parts Diagram

Retaining kit & O-Ring

A faucet may have more than one o ring. They are used to prevent water from leaking around the spout. It is straightforward to change an o-ring.

Spray Head And Hose

The spray head is connected to a nozzle. It makes it easier to clean objects and sinks with the spray. A spray hose can remove water from things and divert water spray quickly.

Lever Handle And Handle Screw

To stop continuous water from flowing from the faucet, the Lever handle and screw are used. It can also be used to regulate the water’s temperature and pressure.


The faucet diverter redirects water from the faucet sprayer head to the spout. It is located at the back of most moen faucets.

Cartridge Nut and Cartridge Cartridge:

A faucet cartridge is a device that controls the flow of water. You must first check the cartridge of your faucet for water leakage.

Kit for Gaskets

Rubber gaskets are required for every faucet to be sealed tightly. It keeps water out and seals other parts.

Hose Guide

The hose guide can be used to remove faucet hoses pull them down from stockings and other items below the sink. It is affordable and straightforward. It is easy to set up. The item comes fully assembled.

Hardware Package

Faucet hardware is the collection of components that make up a faucet. This includes handles, nuts, O-rings, spout kits, and washers. The source of a faucet problem is almost always within reach.

It’s Time To Fix It!

Do you remember the steps taken to remove your Moen kitchen tap? Follow them in reverse, making sure everything is in the correct order and direction. This should repair the leaky faucet in your kitchen.

Maybe you find the setup cabinet instruction, read this article: How To Install Kitchen Cabinets?


How can you remove the Moen kitchen faucet handle with no screws?

Look for one at the top or side. To remove the kitchen faucet, you can use a flathead drill. You can insert it in the space around the button/cap and then work it around the button/cap, lifting gently as you go.

What is the model number for a Moen kitchen faucet

You can find the exact model numbers on your box or in your instruction sheet. If the model number is not available, the general family series number may be found on the backside of the spout (non-pullout).

how to remove moen single handle kitchen faucet

How can you take the Moen kitchen faucet’s weight off?

Clips are available for Moen faucet weights. Push the pin upwards and slide the weight into the desired location to snap the hinge. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen screws (but not remove!) You can loosen the screws enough to allow you to slide the weight.



Your moen kitchen faucet is now fully functional. Your sink will be leak-free, and you are ready to use it. But before you can do so, you will need to clean it thoroughly and check for any damages. Make sure to wipe off any dirt and check the water flow.

This way, you are now ready to use your Moen kitchen faucet and eliminate possible leaks. Well, you have read the article, and it is safe to say that removing a moen kitchen faucet can be accomplished quickly.