How To Measure A Kitchen Sink? Tips For Kitchen Planning 2022

How To Measure A Kitchen Sink Tips For Kitchen Planning

The article explains how to measure a kitchen sink. The process is done by measuring the sink’s width, depth, and height. Once you’ve measured, you will be able to find the necessary parts needed to install the sink.

The process involves measuring the sink, wall, and kitchen counter. The article’s point is to give a kitchen with the right measurement so that the sink will fit the area available.

Before You Measure

Each sink is different, so you must know which type of kitchen sink you currently have.

How To Measure A Kitchen Sink

It would help if you considered replacing your old sink with a different style or installing a new one.

  • Identify the scope of your project.
  • Take measurements of the length and width of your sink.
  • Take measurements of the available counter and cabinet opening width and length.
  • Take measurements of the depth of your sink and your kitchen cabinets.

How To Measure A Kitchen Sink

Continue reading to learn more about these four steps.

What You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Tape measure
  • Niveau

Step 1: Determine Your Project Scope

Do you want to replace a kitchen sink with the same type of installation, or do you prefer a different style? This will affect how you measure your kitchen sinks.

You can replace an existing sink by measuring the sink length, width, and depth. Then, choose a replacement that is the exact dimensions. That’s it; you’re done!

Step 1 Determine Your Project Scope

Step 2: Measure your current sink

Take measurements of the countertop’s cutout and the depth of the old sink. To measure the opening in the drop-in sinks, you might need to access the cabinet underneath.

The countertop opening will not be accurately measured if the sink basin of the drop-in sink is measured from above. Your replacement sink should not exceed these measurements. Step 4 will take you to a deeper sink.

Step 3: Measure the Width and Length

The size of your new sink will depend on how much space you have under the counter and in the kitchen. Measure from the countertop’s front edge to the wall. Make sure to account for any backsplash thickness.

This is how wide your new sink can go. If you cannot fit your new sink in the available space, wall-mounted faucets will be required. This will require drilling new holes in your wall and moving the plumbing lines. This will make it easier to do DIY.

Step 3 Measure the Width and Length

Measure the base of the kitchen faucet, and then dedicate the countertop space to the faucet holes and the rim for a drop-in or redesigned sink. When measuring for a farmhouse-style sink, it is acceptable for the faucet to protrude slightly from your countertop.

Next, measure the interior length of your cabinet. Measure from side to side in your wardrobe. Next, subtract 3 to 4 inches from the total size for sink mounting hardware. This measurement must be at least the minimum base cabinet width listed under the sink’s specifications to ensure that your cabinet can hold your new sink.

Step 4 – Measure the Cabinet Depth and Sink Depth

Place a straightedge or level across the top edge of your sink. Measure from the bottom of the sink to the point where the measuring tape meets the straightedge. Sinks don’t have a flat bottom for drainage.

This is why you must measure the depth of your sink. New undermount sinks will have a depth slightly less than the product’s stated depth. This is because there will be an inch or so of the countertop above it.

You may need a deeper sink than the one you currently have. Make sure you check underneath your cabinets to ensure that there are no structural elements or immovable objects.

Measure the distance between your countertop and the tops of the cabinets below it when measuring for a farmhouse-style sink. This measurement will determine the maximum depth of your sink.


You will need a grid for your kitchen sink to protect your bottom. Measure the basin’s width and length. Your sink grid should be equal to or near the same size as the sink to save the bay. When measuring, consider the curve of your basin’s edges. This will affect the design of the grid that you choose.

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How To Measure An Undermount Kitchen Sink

You will need to know how to measure your kitchen when looking for an Undermount style. You won’t find a lip with this type of sink. The undermount sink style is distinct from other kinds of sinks, so it’s essential to consider that when replacing your sink.

How To Measure An Undermount Kitchen Sink

After you have removed the sink from the countertop hole, measure it. You will need to leave enough space for the faucet to rest on your oval sink when installing a new one.

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How To Measure A Corner Sink

Different measurements are required to determine how to measure a kitchen sink and the dimensions of the new one. Make sure you have enough space on your counter to accommodate the new sink as well as the pipe size.

It doesn’t matter if the filter is under or countertop; it is essential to measure precisely. Here are the steps to measure your kitchen sink to replace it.

To find out how much space you have, Measure from the wall to where the counter ends to determine the measurement. An adequately installed sink should be higher than the counter edge.

How To Measure A Corner Sink

The tape should be placed horizontally, starting at the counter’s edge and ending at the point where it meets the sink. Note the maximum limit of the tape measurement.

Measure from the end to the floor by crawling under the counter. This measurement will help you determine the depth of your oval and round sinks.

Stretch the tape under the counter from the closest pipe to the location of the sink. This number will tell you how many pipes you need to install the sink.

Additional Tip

Pay attention to the cutout at the corner radius. It won’t cover if it is smaller than the replacement sink. It doesn’t matter what measurement you take; make sure that the new sink fills the gap.

The Importance Of Measuring Your Kitchen Sink

It is crucial to know how to measure a kitchen sink and replace it if necessary. It is essential to understand how to measure a kitchen sink, even if you are starting to fix it.

The Importance Of Measuring Your Kitchen Sink

The wrong measurements could lead to purchasing or replacing the lousy sink, making installation difficult. You should ensure that you have enough space for the sink and that the countertop is the right size.


How can I find out the size of my sink?

  • Measure Your Kitchen Sink
  • Begin by measuring your ruler or using your measuring tape to locate the right edge that lies on the kitchen countertop. …
  • Take a tape measure and measure the length of the sink. Place the tape measure’s edge on the top left corner of the sink, then stretch it to the right.

How are top-mount sinks measured?

A top-mount sink has a lip spanning the space between the countertop and sink basin. This allows the counter to be placed on top. Turn the sink upside down and put a ruler or tape against the basin to measure the sink lip.

Is it possible to replace a sink with the counter intact?

It is possible to change a kitchen sink and not replace the countertop. … Once the adhesive has adhered, it is solid. If you have an undermount sink that needs to be removed from underneath, it will probably need to be cut out.

What is the average size of a kitchen basin?

While the most common size of a kitchen sink is 30″ or 33″, the standard sink size can measure between 24″ to 36″. This size range will cover most of the items you’ll find when shopping. Sinks larger than 30 inches will usually have one large bowl.



The article shares the conclusion of how to measure kitchen sink. The process involves measuring the new sink, wall, and counter. The points mentioned in the report are: The sink should fit the available area, so install it in the right place.

The measurement will give you a good idea of how big the sink is so that you can make adjustments to your appliances. Peelsnyc hopes you enjoyed my blog post. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.