How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs Top Full Guide 2022

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a popular option for homeowners who enjoy cooking outdoors. If you’re thinking of building one, there are a few things you need to consider, such as the type of materials you’ll use. Metal studs are a good option for an outdoor kitchen because they’re durable and weather-resistant. Here’s a guide on building an outdoor kitchen with metal studs.

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs?

High-quality metal studs are recommended for outdoor kitchen construction. This will ensure that it lasts a long time.

Make The Plan

This is an essential step that you should not skip. It would help if you created a plan for your outdoor kitchen before building it. First, you will need to measure everything you wish to put in your outdoor kitchen. This includes drawers, sinks, doors, refrigerators, and grills.

Before you begin building your kitchen, it is essential to have a clear and complete image of what you will get. It is easy to find catalogs from different hardware suppliers. You will usually find several dimensions for each piece of hardware.

Asking someone to review your plan is a good idea. Although you may not think you need it, you likely do. Before you begin building, a fresh eye will be able to spot any potential errors. A contractor can offer valuable advice regarding your blueprint if you’re using them.


Make a list of the dimensions for all kitchen items you would like to place in your outdoor kitchen. If you don’t have the kitchen items yet, you can consult hardware catalogs for the dimensions. These dimensions can be used to determine how many metal screws you will need.

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs

You Will Need Tools

A screw gun, clamps, and chalk boxes are all you need. These items can be rented or purchased at a rental shop.

How Many Metal Studs Are Needed?

You will need to determine the correct number of studs to make your outdoor kitchen. To form walls for your structure, you will typically need one stud per 12 inches. Tracks may be required for certain parts of the construction. These are the horizontal portions at the top and bottom.

Building The Outdoor Kitchen

You can get started after having all the tools and metal studs you need. These are the steps to building your outdoor kitchen.

Install The Tracks And Composite Boards

To make it easier to build your outdoor kitchen, lay down the composite boards according to the plan. These boards will also help stabilize your structure and prevent damage to your metal bolts.

As you build the lower portion of the structure, lay the tracks around the composite board. These tracks must be strong enough to support the weight of your outdoor kitchen. To ensure stability, the long straight tracks can overlap by 6 inches. If the tracks overlap, you can flatten the track’s side flange and let the other track slide in its place.

Screw The Tracks

If your tracks came in a set with metal studs, they might have holes that make it easier to attach screws to them. The holes may not be present to ensure that the screws fit into your studs and your tracks.

Install The Tracks And Composite Boards

You Can Plump The Tracks.

To ensure your kitchen is stable, it’s essential to plumb the tracks. A plumb bob or a laser level can be used. Place a laser level in the middle of the track if you’re using one.

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The Steel Studs Can Be Trimmed.

The steel studs can be trimmed to fit the tracks. To protect your hands, bend one end of the stud and use aviation snips to cut it. If you plan to add plumbing or electricity, make sure to cut the studs at the same end. A miter saw is also an option if you need to cut multiple metal studs at once.

Follow The Studs To The Tracks

This guide will show you how to make an outdoor kitchen using metal studs. Next, join the studs and tracks. Insert screws between the tracks and studs using the C-clamps. You should not use a clutch setting too strong that strips the hole. Otherwise, the joint won’t be secure.

Follow The Studs To The Tracks

Metal Headers

For any unique-shaped fixture, metal headers can be helpful. First, cut the tracks to a length of 2 inches more than your desired width. Use metal locking pliers to bend the tracks 90 degrees after trimming.

Pour Concrete

Concrete can make your kitchen last longer. Concrete panels can be used if you don’t want to pour the concrete yourself. You can also use plywood or wooden boards, but these are less durable.

Installing Electrical Cables

To power your outdoor kitchen appliances, pull your cables through your outdoor kitchen. Plastic ties can be used to secure the wires to your metal studs. You can also connect your lines using a plastic bushing so that they won’t rub against the metal edges of the studs.

Install panels

Wooden panels can secure any remaining spaces after the structure is completed. Wood blocking can make your outdoor kitchen look different. You can also leave some walls intact to create an entirely different look.

Add Counters and Veneers

The last step in building a kitchen is adding countertops and veneers. Granite is a strong choice because it is more durable. You can choose from a variety of tiles and stones for veneers. Or you can combine different materials. You should select a material that is strong enough to withstand outdoor cooking.

Do You Buy or Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

A DIY project like building an outdoor kitchen takes planning and time. You can create one and customize it to your liking.

Take Care of Your New Metal Outdoor Cooking Space

Depending on what materials were used, you may have to maintain your outdoor kitchen’s durability. Do not cut directly on metal surfaces and clean them regularly with soapy water.

Take Care of Your New Metal Outdoor Cooking Space

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make a BBQ using metal studs?

You can build a BBQ using metal studs by calculating the dimensions and keeping in mind the dimensions of the appliances. Get your tools and metal studs. Then, start building the foundation while attaching the tracks and studs.

Can I make an outdoor kitchen from wood?

Yes, an outdoor kitchen can be built with wood. It must be protected from heat and water by being covered with a cement backer board.

FAQs how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs

Which countertops are the best for outdoor kitchens?

Natural stone, concrete, and tile are the best options. Avoid using recycled glass or quartz as they can change their color when exposed to UV rays.

What is the best material for outdoor kitchens?

An outdoor kitchen can be built with durable materials such as cement and wood. You can use plywood, stainless steel, and limestone to make countertops and cabinets that will last a lifetime.

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If you’re looking for new ideas to remodel your outdoor kitchen, metal studs are a great option because they’re durable and efficient. Once you have the proper foundation for your outdoor kitchen, you can make any changes that you want. Peelsnyc hopes you enjoy learning more about metal studs and how to build an outdoor kitchen with them.