How Much To Paint Kitchen Cabinets? Top Full Guide 2022

How Much To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Top Full Guide 2022

If you consider remodeling cabinets, you will want to know how much to paint kitchen cabinets. The price will vary depending on the type of paint, the size of your kitchen, and the number of cabinets you have.

Price and the quality of color will be two of the most significant factors that go into choosing the type of paint you’ll want to use. This article will give you an idea of how much to spend on painting your kitchen cabinets.

Factors for Calculating Kitchen Cabinet Paint Costs

There are many paint colors and finishes. Some paints are more expensive than others, while some are of better quality. The cost will depend on the supplies you need, the layout of your kitchen, and the size of the cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets is labor-intensive so labor costs will be a significant expense. These are the main factors that determine the cost of painting kitchen cabinets.

Paint Type and Quality

Different paints have different visual effects and are designed for different environments. Paints that are extra glossy are usually more expensive than matte or flat paint. An eggshell or satin paint is an alternative that can be used on most surfaces but may not withstand heavy kitchen cabinet use. Latex paints have a smoother finish, while oil-based paints leave a rich, brushed appearance.

It is essential to choose the suitable primer for the wood you are using and the paint you want. You can have your questions answered by a professional painter.

Painting method

You will need to decide what kind of paint you want to use to paint your kitchen cabinets. You have the option of using a paint sprayer, a roller, or a brush. Spraying is a fast and efficient way to get the job done. If the tool is used correctly, spraying can be very effective.

Factors for Calculating Kitchen Cabinet Paint Costs

A meeting will work best with kitchen cabinets with recesses or grooves. However, a roller can be used for larger flat surfaces. You’ll need the paint, brushes, drop cloths and painter’s tape to do the job. Paint supplies will cost you between $200 to $600. Professional painters will already have all the necessary supplies if they are hired.

Surface Area, Cabinet Design, and Layout

Paint kitchen cabinets cost between $3-10 per square foot and $30-60 per linear foot. The square footage of the kitchen generally dictates the number of linear feet of cabinets that need to be painted. This includes labor, materials, supplies, and labor. It depends on the condition of your cabinets and how difficult it is to take outdoors and hardware.

A painting contractor may quote you a price for standard kitchen cabinets that are not too large or inset with glasses. Because of the time required to complete these areas, it will also increase the cost.

Kitchen Size

Your kitchen’s size will determine the cost of painting kitchen cabinets. A small kitchen will cost less, but larger kitchens will cost more. You’ll need to paint more, and you’ll also need more drop cloths to protect your floor and countertops.


Do you want to change from a darker color into a lighter one? You can sand off or strip the paint first. However, if you have to cover cabinets in a hurry and need a more golden color, a primer is a good option. A primer is necessary to get the correct shade of paint on any surface.

It also helps the paint stick better. You will pay more if you intend to use two different paint colors as accents. Talk to a professional painter to ensure you select a color and type that will work on your surfaces. Although there is no specific paint for kitchen cabinets, you should make sure that the style you choose suits your long-term vision and needs.

Cabinets in good condition

Old kitchen cabinets can be in bad shape. They may have peeling paint, warped laminate, or dirty surfaces. Some cabinets cannot be painted in their current condition and may require extensive work to restore the wood to usable condition.

how much does it cost to paint kitchen cabinets ranges

It is important not to paint over damaged laminate until repaired/refaced. All hardware must be removed to ensure that the paint coat adheres properly. Preparing cabinets for painting will require more work.


Kitchen cabinets can be expensive because of the labor costs involved. Kitchen cabinet painters typically charge between $20 and $50 an hour, depending on where you live. Sometimes, they will base their rates on how many linear feet the cabinets are or charge per paint cabinet doors, drawer, and wardrobe.

Additional Costs & Considerations

Many factors go into kitchen cabinet painting costs. However, it would help if you also considered the following considerations:

Site Preparation and Primer

You will need to prepare the site and apply primer, mainly spray painting cabinets. It is essential to cover all surfaces to prevent paint stains from forming on countertops, floors, sinks, appliances, and vents.

You’ll need to do a second round of on-site preparation if you use more than one color of paint. Using a primer for your base coat is essential to ensure a good bond with your coloring and high color saturation.

Removal of Doors and Drawers

The long process of site preparation includes removing drawers and cabinet doors. These surfaces can be challenging to paint correctly if they aren’t removed. You can remove them and their hardware and sand them smoother and apply for a more detailed paint job. It can take time, so be sure to include labor costs.

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Remove the Appliances

You might have to take your appliances out to get to the hard-to-reach surfaces. This includes fridges and dishwashers. It would help if you planned as it can take many days to paint kitchen cabinets.

Additional Costs & Considerations

Repainting vs. Refacing

Repainting kitchen cabinets can be accomplished on many types of wood or laminates. It is possible as long as the cabinets are in good condition and have been adequately prepared. You can easily take your existing cabinets and change the color or stain to update their appearance.

Refacing your cabinets is another option. This option is helpful if you want to make minor changes to the cabinet boxes. However, it will require more money. You have two options: replace them entirely or have professional veneers attached. This usually includes the addition of new hardware.

If you are repainting, it can also be done. If you have laminate cabinets in terrible condition and can’t be painted, refacing them is an option.

Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

You can easily find reasons to paint your kitchen cabinets. You might be looking to sell your home or have just purchased an older house that needs some work. No matter what reason, updating your kitchen cabinets to a timeless color scheme can help increase your home’s worth.

Cabinets that are out of date and dirty

Your cabinets might not look as new or clean as they did when they were first installed. However, years of usage can cause them to look dated and soiled. This is why people should paint their cabinets.

A kitchen can feel new again by cleaning them out and sanding the old finish or color. This is especially true when you change to a lighter color scheme. It can make the space seem more significant.

In case you want to refurbish the kitchen cabinets, see this guide.

A Modern, Fresh, and Modern Look

Are you fed up with the same old look? Many TV and blogging shows show how to make a significant change. You can transform an old space into a modern, contemporary space by updating your cabinets and adding new hardware. This is a much easier task than a complete renovation.

Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Home Adds Value

A kitchen that feels spacious and inviting can be a selling point for your home. We spend so much time in our kitchens. It is possible to increase the value of your home by painting your kitchen cabinets in a trendy, modern color that blends well with your existing floors and countertops.

Prospective home buyers are often unaware of the importance of kitchen cabinets and their appearance. This will make your house look more appealing.

Remodeling is a cost-effective alternative.

Although remodeling your home is the fastest way to increase its value, it may not be within your budget. You can paint your kitchen cabinets. This is a cheaper and quicker option. The paint will last for years if it is done right. This is a small investment that will pay off in the long term for both you and your future homeowners.

Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Painting kitchen cabinets is typical DIY project homeowners are known to undertake. It is pretty easy to paint kitchen cabinets. It’s not the most challenging task and doesn’t require specialized equipment. However, it is much more time-consuming than you might think. You can expect to spend around 20 hours preparing and removing the finish.

Then, another 15-30 hours will be needed for the actual priming and painting and the refitting and cleanup. If you don’t have the time or ability to do it all at once, it’s a big sacrifice to make your kitchen unusable for several days.

It’s common for DIYers to make mistakes when preparing the cabinets. This step can make it difficult for your paint to last long if you miss it or do it incorrectly.

Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

There are many benefits to hiring kitchen cabinet professionals for busy homeowners. First, they can send a team to work every day to complete the job in less time. This means that your kitchen will be interrupted for a shorter time, so you can get back to enjoying your kitchen sooner.

Professionals are well-equipped to protect your kitchen and choose the suitable materials to remove the finish, prime the cabinets, and then paint them. Their expertise can help you select the right colors, stains, and paint types for your desired look.

Paint kitchen cabinets can be much cheaper than a kitchen renovation. It can save you both time and money by hiring professionals to ensure that your cabinets last for a long time.

How to Save Money Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Do not let the price of kitchen cabinets deter you from hiring professionals. This kitchen cabinet painting project is a great way to save money.

How to Save Money Painting Kitchen Cabinets

  • To avoid overestimating the amount of paint required, calculate how much surface area will be needed.
  • Ask a professional whether your cabinets can be painted with primer or separately.
  • Drop cloths can be made from old sheets or tarps. You don’t need to provide drop cloths if you hire a professional.
  • Choose the paint that suits your budget and vision. If you want a muted appearance, ultra-glossy color may not be necessary.
  • It would help if you also were prepared to pay a little more for paint that lasts longer than a year.
  • Follow paint companies on social networks to see their upcoming sales.
  • To save time and labor, remove the drawers and cabinet doors yourself.
  • Ask for a quote for the hardware that you are interested in updating. You might find the hardware at a local hardware shop or wholesale pricing through the company.
  • Ask about a discount if you book both rooms and the painting of your walls.

Questions About Painting Kitchen Cabinets

You can learn many things about kitchen cabinets to ensure the best outcome. To help you narrow down your search for the right company to handle your project, ask these questions.

About the company

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have a specialization in painting kitchen cabinets
  • Do you have a portfolio that I can look at?
  • Do you have any references I can speak to?
  • Who will do the work?
  • Is there more than one person?
  • Are you charging by the linear foot or per door and cabinet?
  • Can I view an itemized estimate?

how much cost to paint kitchen cabinets

The job description:

  • What paints are you using, and what do you recommend for my kitchen?
  • What are the steps to complete this project?
  • What amount of prep work will it take to prepare my cabinets?
  • Do you want to number the drawers and doors so that they can be adequately replaced?
  • How should I prepare for my arrival?
  • Which painting technique do you recommend for achieving the look you want?
  • What if some drawers or cabinets need minor repairs?
  • What is the duration of the job?
  • Do I have access to my appliances while the paint is being applied?
  • What happens if you run short of color? How can you make sure the second batch matches precisely?
  • Do you plan to finish the job with a topcoat?
  • Is your work guaranteed?
  • Do you have any suggestions for me to maintain the cabinets?


It can be challenging to choose the proper paint color hardware and estimate how much effort and time it will take. Having as much information about the process as possible can ease any concerns. These frequently asked questions may help.

Is it worth painting kitchen cabinets?

It is almost always true. You might need to replace the cabinets if the cabinets are damaged beyond repair. It’s worth the expense to paint your kitchen cabinets to give them a modern, trendy, or classic look. Remodeling your kitchen can be one of the best ways to increase your home’s worth.

How much does it cost for cabinets to be professionally painted?

It costs an average of $809 painting kitchen cabinets professionally. It’s not uncommon for cabinets to cost between $395 and $1,234, but it can be more if you have a large kitchen or require extensive preparation work. Your total cost will depend on the size of your kitchen and the area of your cabinets. It would help if you also considered local labor costs.

Is it challenging to paint cabinets?

Painting is easy. This is also not the most challenging part. Preparing the cabinets for new paint is the most challenging part. Cabinets must be cleaned, sanded, or stripped, with doors and drawers taken out, hardware taped or removed, all surfaces protected. People’s most significant mistake when DIY-ing this multi-day project is not adequately preparing their cabinets for new paint.

how much does it cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets

Is it better to spray or paint kitchen cabinets?

It all depends on what look you want. Hand-painting is the best option if you prefer the rich texture of oil-based paints applied with a brush. Spray paint can spray paint evenly on any surface, even with grooves. It is essential to ensure that your professional is comfortable using the sprayer. Spraying cabinets can make it messy. Ask if they’ll cover them all or spray them outside.

Do I need to seal the cabinets after they are painted?

It is recommended that you seal your kitchen cabinets with a protective seal. Sealing the paint is the best way to preserve your investment in quality projects. Sealing kitchen cabinets is wise, subject to more abuse than walls.

How long does it take to paint kitchen cabinets?

A small- to medium-sized kitchen can be painted in three days, while a large one takes three and seven days. Additional time may be needed if your cabinets must be removed, sanded, and repaired.

How much to paint kitchen cabinets

How long should painted cabinets last?

Cabinets that have been freshly painted take between 7-10 days and 30 days to dry. To speed up the drying process, leave your cabinet doors open. After they are dry, you can use your cabinets but not clean them with chemicals.



This article gave you an idea of the price of painting your kitchen cabinets, depending on the paint and amount of work. Before deciding what type and how much paint to use, you will want to consider the color of your cabinets and if you want them to be distressed.

Of course, painting your kitchen cabinets will cost a lot of money. There are different ways to reduce the cost of the job. Try to paint your kitchen cabinets during the winter when fewer people will be in your neighborhood. Also, keep an eye out for sales at paint stores. Peelsnyc hopes you enjoyed the article!